It is my absolute joy and pleasure to share here about Julie Oliveira’s amazing work.  My Labradoodle, Jabulani, and I are deeply grateful to have Julie Oliveira in our lives!  Whenever Jabu shows any signs of distress, I immediately contact Julie to ask her to please check in as to what Jabu needs and wants.  Then, when our blonde girl, Jabulani died in 2017, Julie informed us that, and how, we would be re-united.  When Jabu was reborn – a boy in a black coat this time – it all unfolded exactly as Julie had told us that Jabu had told her it would (and there is a LOT to it!).

Whenever I tell people the whole story, they respond with “I am getting goose-bumps.  That is such a powerful story”.  Invariably I am told that I should write a book about it.  So I am, under the working title: Jabulani’s Return – One Dog’s Two Lives With One Family. I am sooo Grateful!

– Christina Nienaber-Roberts, Comox Valley, BC

My gratitude for Julie and her beautiful gift transcends words. She’s been a true blessing for both my animal family and myself. Despite my own intuitive guidance, I sometimes feel unsure and lose perspective because of the deep emotional bond I have with the animals I share my life with. Without fail, Julie always provides me with the clarity I need to heal holistically, and to develop more understanding relationships with my furry family. I also often learn as much about myself as I do about my animal companions through her readings. We truly are all interconnected and reflections of each other, and Julie’s gift confirms that. Grateful to have her in my life, and in the lives of my wonderful animal family.

– Debbie, Carp, ON

Julie recently did a reading for my cat.   It was very interesting and gave me information about what my cat has been thinking.  Julie was communicating my questions to my cat and providing me with my cat’s answers.  However, a couple of amazing things happened when my cat, without any prompting, gave Julie a message for me that said: “You need to change your pillow”.  If anyone could see the state of my pillow, they would make the same comment.  Other suggestions for me from my cat were to provide her with some Lamb as a variety to her all-chicken diet, to improve the taste of her water (which I have done with a Brita water filter system) and to add some variety to the ramp system going from the floor to the top of her Cat Tree.   It made me happy to hear that my cat was living a comfortable life with me, that she loved me and was aware of my love for her.  Julie’s Body Scan revealed a few minor problems, some of which I already knew about.    Julie’s Fees were very reasonable considering all the information provided to me.  Her priority is obviously to provide a valuable service, not to get rich doing it.

– Richard, Ottawa, ON

We have definitely seen an improvement in our relationship with Maggie, it was very obvious that she felt very heard!  She has gone to a dog daycare once a week since we talked to you and she seems very pleased.  We now have a lavender spray by the front door and I picked up some neem oil too.  I’ve been going through the list of everything I learned with your help and I am feeling much more empowered to help Maggie.  I really appreciate your help and the amazing way you interact with both me and Maggie.  I am truly grateful for you!

-Bradlee, Ottawa, ON

You’ve been so lovely and great with me. I know I’ve only seen you twice but you have really helped me and I really appreciate you.

– Tessa, Ottawa, ON

Julie has an exceptional ability to communicate with animals. I have worked with other animal communicators in the past, and, in my opinion, Julie is the best!

For example, I was concerned about the health of my Australian shepherd, Kiko, and asked for Julie’s help. When Julie connected with my dog, Kiko said that she could not digest one particular food I was giving her. Julie suggested that I remove this from her diet and recommended a probiotic to improve Kiko’s digestion. When I followed this advice, Kiko’s health improved within days! I am SO GRATEFUL to Julie, who quickly resolved a worrisome problem.

– Jean, Ottawa, ON

I have used Julie’s services for a few years now and I’m not sure how we would manage without her.  Recently, my dog was having different issues.  Julie communicated with Bel and did a body scan.   One of the issues was her ear so I took her to my vet.  Sure enough she had an ear infection.  A few months later Bel seemed to be under the weather so I booked another appointment for Bel with Julie.  Julie did another body scan and found several places that needed help. Bel is an agility dog so she needs to be in good physical shape and often they put their bodies out of alignment.  Before the new season started, I made an appointment with the osteopath.  I was reading to him what Julie found in communicating with Bel.  When he was done, he was completely amazed.  Everything she said, he had found the same issues.  He even asked me for a copy of the report.  It is definitely a blessing to have Julie in our lives.  Now I can do more for Bel thanks to Julie’s amazing gift and have a happier and healthier friend.

– Lorraine, Lancaster, ON

Julie is a very gifted animal communicator. I credit her with saving my pet’s life by virtue of providing me with the information I needed to bring to the veterinarians treating my critically ill pet–information that no one had previously thought of that only she could have acquired by tuning into my pet and asking pertinent questions.

That information enabled me to ask the attending vets (who knew my pet well and were excellent vets to begin with) to re-think and to check things that they had not necessarily thought of and to then prescribe a protocol that ended up being successful. That also depended on her “speaking” with my pet and explaining what they were doing and why it was important and why we all needed his cooperation and desire to pull through. Incredibly, she also provided me with information that would have been impossible for her to know about, crediting my pet for having told her. That additional information helped me in knowing what his additional emotional and physical requirements were that, without a doubt, contributed to his seemingly miraculous healing.

His survival is nothing short of a miracle. Two months later, she continues to check in on him upon my request and stuns me with her uncanny ability to deliver detailed information from him that is not only highly obscure in nature, but very helpful and very accurate about his home environment, his dietary preferences and what his “human” is going through on various “fronts”.

I should note that Julie has never actually met my pet in person, which makes all of this all the more remarkable. I consider her the best gift ever. If it were not for her help, I don’t think my pet would be alive today. That’s my honest opinion.

– C.W., Ottawa, Ontario

When my elderly cat, George, starting showing signs of illness I felt powerless and didn’t know exactly how to help her. Julie began communicating with George to get some insight for me; I’ve known Julie for many years and her love and passion for animals and unique ability to communicate with them was very special, so I trusted her completely.

But what really stood out was that George just wasn’t getting old (as I originally thought) she was actually quite ill. George was able to communicate with Julie about specific ways that I could help her be comfortable, most importantly, I got her the necessary medical care. The vet confirmed what Julie and George communicated.

George and Julie continued communicating for a few more years and I took everything to heart and felt even more closer to George throughout her final years, and eventually her passing. I didn’t think it was possible to love an animal even more, but Julie really connected us and Julie was able to communicate to George on my behalf – which I took such solace in.

In the end, I felt completely supported by Julie as she essentially helped both myself and George transition from her physical body. The loss I have felt after losing my best friend of 18 years – I was inconsolable; only through Julie’s communication work did I find peace knowing George was also taken care of.

I am forever grateful.

– Debora, Vancouver, British Columbia

I have known Julie for many years and there is nobody out there who has such an amazing connection with animals as she does. Julie loves animals and animals love her. My dog is crazy about her.

Julie communicated several times with my golden retriever Stella to help Stella with her anxieties. I find the communications very informative, accurate, sometimes surprising (in a good way), and often funny. It is so wonderful to know what is going on with your pet and the stories Stella tells. I don’t question the accuracy of the communications because Julie provides a lot of detailed information on what is happening in our household and with Stella that she wouldn’t know any other way unless she connected with Stella. The other benefit of the communication is that Stella always improves afterwards and her anxiety lessens and for that I am truly grateful.

I would definitely recommend Julie to any pet lover.

– Eva, Ottawa, ON

Julie saved the life of my puppy that got kicked by a horse. Within hours on a Friday night she did a full body scan remotely and also proceeded to heal him!

The vet said that he had improved so much since initial triage in emergency that he could go home without expensive $400 x-rays. Julie detailed the results of her session with the puppy by text. The injury list was long but she worked wonders on him and he is at home and appears to be fully recovered. I can’t recommend Julie enough!

– Heather, Ottawa, ON

I’ve worked with animal communicators for over 20 years while living in Seattle and Washington DC. When my newly acquired ‘rescue cat’ Tiger started acting strangely in 2019, I was thrilled to discover Julie Oliveira right here in Ottawa where I now live.

She gave me insight on how Tiger’s past experiences as a stray have affected him, and helped Tiger and me create a fully loving and supportive relationship. I’ve worked with Julie both in-person and virtually, and can enthusiastically say she is one of the best communicators I’ve ever worked with.

Six months ago, Tiger experienced significant hair loss, and our vet ran out of ideas on how to help except to give him a long-term course of steroids. Julie has helped me understand my cat’s perspective on the underlying cause of the problem, and what steps he was open for me to take to help him. Julie’s strong intuitive communication abilities, combined with her background in veterinary homeopathy, helped me create just the right approach to solve the problem. I wholeheartedly endorse Julie to anyone interested in forming a deeper bond with their pet.

– Mary Ella, Ottawa, ON

Julie is a healer, generous of spirit, and has been an invaluable resource for me and my cat Gabriel. She helped us to communicate with each other and revealed many important insights, enabling our life together to be richer and more meaningful. And her use of the Reiki energy healing definitely seemed to help him feel better.

Julie’s help was invaluable in easing the passing of my cat Gabriel. In Gabriel’s last days, she was incredibly supportive, making the whole process much more bearable. She connected with him at that time, and told me things from his perspective, which greatly facilitated the whole process…for him and for me! Time with Julie is well spent!

– Suzanne, Ottawa, ON

Julie helped my dog and I immensely. She accurately communicated with my dog and informed me on how I could further ensure her health and happiness.

Julie accurately read her body scan. It was by connecting with Julie that I learned my dog had an ear infection and had a sore lower back. Through Julie, my dog shared that acupuncture would benefit her immensely. After taking my dog to various veterinarians, both her ear infection and lower back soreness was confirmed.

Julie, was not only very accurate but so caring. I will continue to use Julie in the future. Thank you for caring and for communicating with my best friend to help me better understand her needs!

– Romina, Ottawa, ON

Both dogs are doing well. Mac has calmed down quite a bit… Daisy’s mobility is stable. She has more periods where she runs and plays with Mac like a puppy!

We’ve had had many dogs over the past years and loved each one; I find that each dog teaches me something about myself. After the two readings, we both see them completely differently. I could go on about it but I/ we have more respect for them as fellow beings.

– John, Ottawa, ON

Missing Pets

Thanks for the tips Julie. Good news, a neighbor sent us his pictures yesterday and he is exactly where you described 20 min from home. Now he visits her home frequently and she will give us a call when he is back soon so we can pick him up.
– F, Ottawa, ON

We found her this morning. A woman found her in a shelter in Ontario. They captured her yesterday night. I think she heard you.. she was in the backyard of a farm. So she only had one night in this animal shelter and we came to get her the next morning. It was a miracle for us and for her as well! Thanks again for your help. You really have something special.

– Valérie, St-Télesphore, Quebec

Lady, my neighbour’s dog was lost and hiding in a bush. She was too scared to move, despite repeated attempts by family members and neighbours to bring her home. She was in the bush for 12 hours when Julie was contacted to help. Within two hours of Julie connecting with Lady she left the bush and was spotted very close to home.  Julie’s advice to bring Lady’s sibling Boomer with us helped steady Lady and she followed us home.  In my opinion Julie was the driving force behind Lady making it safely home that night.

– Debbie, Cornwall, ON