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Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Animal communication

Animal communication is a non-verbal, two-way telepathic communication or reading. In a reading, Julie connects energetically with the animal (either in person or through a photo) and provides a channel for the animal to telepathically express his or her thoughts through words, visual images, and sensations.

Services Offered

Mini readings are 30 minutes and full readings are 60 minutes. To book a reading, please contact me by email or phone. Payments accepted are PayPal and e-transfer.

Mini Reading

In a mini reading, Julie will:
  • Describe your animal’s character and personality
  • Ask the animal specific questions
  • Share the animal’s needs, wants or other messages to you.

Full Reading

In a full reading, Julie will:
  • Describe your animal’s character and personality
  • Perform a body scan
  • Perform an emotional scan
  • Share the animal’s needs, wants or other messages to you.

Animal Massage

In animal massage, the Swedish massage technique is used to promote relaxation and to help in the rehabilitation process of animals, and is both physically and psychologically beneficial. It can help to increase circulation, increase flexibility, help with stiffness, pain and joint issues, improve digestion, maintain muscle tone, aid in the healing process after injuries and medical procedures, and improve mental health and well-being, among others. Acupressure and reflexology may also be applied when appropriate.

Services Offered

In your home only

Animal Massage

Massage includes
  • Assessment
  • Body massage
  • Homecare program

Reiki Sessions for Pets

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese meditation and therapeutic technique meaning “spirit (Rei) and universal life energy (ki).” When used therapeutically, the practitioner acts as a channel for universal energy to come through to your pet and activate his/her own inner healing system. Reiki can be practised directly with the animal present or remotely – even across countries using a photo or video. Reiki is ideal for animals that are uncomfortable with hands-on or direct treatment as the practitioner’s hands can be lightly placed on the animal or placed above or at a distance from the animal’s body. Regardless, the energy flows to where it is needed.

The benefits of Reiki are numerous:

  • Heals at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels
  • Remains gentle and non-invasive, but powerful
  • Can relieve symptoms and reduce pain
  • Accelerates healing of illnesses and injuries; speeds up healing after surgery
  • Reduces side-effects of drugs and other treatments
  • Improves behavioural issues and can heal anxiety-related ones
  • Provides well-being, relaxation and stress relief
  • Complements both conventional and alternative healing methods
  • Eases the transition to death when physical healing isn’t possible

Services Offered

The average length of a Reiki session for animals is 30-45 minutes and includes a body scan to identify any issues.

Remote Sessiom

Session is conducted outside of the home

Session in your Home

Must be within 10 km of my home