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Julie has had a longtime interest in the holistic approach to life and uncovering the deeper meaning behind issues in health and well-being. She studied homeopathy with a focus on animals, and later Ayurveda as a complement to teaching yoga and meditation. She has used both approaches as a part of her lifestyle and has always applied these healing modalities to her own pets, with great success!  

While always sensitive to the animals around her since a very young age – her oldest memory of communicating was with a pig when she was three years old – Julie decided to learn a formal method of animal communication in order to connect with her pets in a different way. After completing her beginner’s course with Sheila Trecartin of Ultimate Healing Concepts, she completed case studies on the pets of others. The more animals Julie communicated with, the more she knew that she had found her passion and went on to attain her advanced certificate in animal communication. Since then, in addition to readings for clients, Julie has done many live readings at events such as the K9 Sport Fest and the Canadian Dock Diving Championships.

Julie recently attained her certification in canine massage therapy and is excited to begin helping her companion animal clients at a physical level as well!

Connecting with animals and discovering their personalities, needs, thoughts, opinions and humour is a great joy for Julie. In your life, she is dedicated to being a voice for you and your animal companion and to share the wisdom of our animal friends with others. She is honoured to help deepen the bonds between people and the animals and natural world around them to create more joy, health, and understanding.


Canadian Dock Diving Championships

August 2017

K9 Sports Fest

July 2017