Julie Oliveira

Animal communicator • Small Animal Massage Therapist • Animal Reiki practitioner

I love animals and want to help as many as possible to have a happy, balanced, and harmonious life!

Julie Oliveira

Pet Stereo offers the following services for your pet.

I am certified in animal communication, canine massage therapy and animal Reiki, with training in homeopathy and Ayurveda.

Currently training in the basics of Tellington Touch (TTouch) for companion animals, I bring a holistic approach to your pet’s emotional, mental, and physical needs.


Animal Communication Readings Can Help …

Are your pets fighting like cats and dogs? Are you struggling to bond with your animal companion?

I can help you resolve relationship issues between you and your pet or between pets in a multi-pet household.

Are you grieving your beloved friend who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge?

I can help you reconnect and find peace, reassurance, and closure, if needed.

Are you concerned about your pet’s health or want to make sure she/he’s happy?

I can help you understand what your pet needs and wants in this life with you.

Has your pet gone missing?


I can help give you peace of mind about how your pet is and where she/he may be.


In a Typical Reading, I Will…

  • Describe your animal’s character and personality

  • Share information regarding any behavioural problems and the reasons behind them.

  • Communicate solutions or ideas that the animal has about solving the problems, and how to incorporate them.

  • Perform a body scan to clarify physical ailments or pain they may be feeling.

  • Perform an emotional scan to identify emotions and issues.

  • Share the animal’s needs, wants or other messages to you